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Guy name Mo service me fast talker from time walk in door,already had mind set on what I wanted.Purchase a washer/dryer took my money everything was great.Was told by Mohamad Fardous he would call me following day before delivery.He also stated it would probably be a lil after 10am,open at 9 and guys have to load.Next day no call by 1pm,I call store Mohamad Fardous is not in til 3p.Ask what time is my delivery set up for guy states between 1-5 but someone will call 30mins ahead.I'm at work it's 3:30,my son calls a say someone at door.10mins later Mohamad Fardous calls and state that at door.1st thing I state what happen to a phone call,I'm headed home didnt get call to say they are on there way.Mind u been waiting sonce 10am,and if didnt call would not know a time frame.Mohamad starts getting loud asking me where am I at and if not home guys will have to bring back next week.I was like really it's not even 5 yet,no one called me I had to call u all to get a delivery time.He hung up and me and guys left my washer/dryer outside of my house.Called Mohamad Fardous back he hung up again stated he would not let me speak to head manager of him,said manager cant help me.Waited 30mins another guys answer kept me on hold.This is the worse service I had ever receive,not sure if because the color of my skin.But once I paid Mohamad Fardous the money and walk out door, his whole attitude change.When I came there he wanted to tell me how nice I look and how he loves my ring lol what a character.Extremely nice and pleasant when came in store,afterwards he never called until delivery guys was at door to ask me where was I.Screamed and over talked me several times,very disrespectful&unprofessional.I've done business at Dearborn,Mi location and was treated with respect should have went back there,if I known would be treated like garbage.Because of Mohamad Fardous I will never ever walk a foot in door of any ABC warehouse thanks to Mohamad Fardous so unprofessional&very rude&disrespectful.I am still waitinh to hear back from district manager or head office this guy should not be working for anyone business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Still no call and washer not working properly from then dumping it in my yard!!{{REDACTED}}

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