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I went to best buy to look at some tvs, I found a 32in tv for a good price so i went to abc to see if they had one the same make and model, and they did but it was for 200 dollars more I aske the sales person if they would match and bet best buy price. He said he had to check to make sure it was the same tv.

He then came back and told me that I should go back to best buy and buy it that he couldnt bet that price, I then asked him for the manager he came over and told me the same thing I then asked him about that they will match and bet anybody price or give me a 1000 dollars he told me that he was not going to sell me that tv for the price that best buy was selling it for and walked away from me.

I then told him that I would never come back here and that I will tell everybody about the servise I had here and the that you will not match anybody that you guys are pulling a fast one over everybody. This is the abcwhare house in holland Mi.

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best buy was most likely out of stock when i worked there mostly all we had in stock consistantly was vizio and dynex or sre protected models that were missing a couple features but got there own odd model number so we didnt have to match price with anyone and alot of those were repacked returns that they made use trim the old tape of with a box cutter and retape so the next customer could not tell.

I quite because they tried to make me lie about the technology and sell people useless setup on there tv that was only any good until the had a power outage


LOL, by all your comments it's obviously you work at ABC and are a complete ***. It's easy to see why people get bad service when jerks like you work at the store.


I bet the TV you were looking at best buy was out of stock!! Best buy does that with a lot of low quanity or out of stock items they are called "CLOSE OUTS" witch either means floor display or damaged box or factory refurbished.

The managers at these warehouses can easily find out by checking online or even calling the best buy you were shopping at to check availability. from the looks of this it looks like you tried to purchase this a couple days before christmas LOL that is not anyones fault but your own you should of waited outside for 8 hours like everyone else did on black friday you little ignorant cry baby!!


I had the same experience last month. I was told they will match the lowest price, but when I went to the store, they refused.

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