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Terrible place to purchase from. We bought a 60 inch plasma television ($1350) and on the receipt that we sign when we paid with our credit card they have a disclaimer about the tv not being broke and such.

Well I singed the receipt without knowing that would put such a thing on the credit card receipt. Got the tv home and the entire screen is cracked. They refuse to take it back or do anything for us. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I will never shop there again. Check them out on BBB, they have had several complaints. Buyer Beware!!!!!

I have contacted BBB and LG and everyone refuses to work with us.

Of course we are out the money and noone cares.

We have been saving for this tv for 1 1/2 yrs and working with the same salesperson at ABC the entire time. I just can't believe they are doing this to us.

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it is store policy to check every tv and have the customer sign off on it. would you leave a fast food drive through with out checking the bag and thats only $5. you cant expect the store to take a $1300 hit because you broke the tv in the back of your pick up truck going down a dirt road going 60 and then you dragged it across your lawn by yourself and up the stairs one at a time only letting it slip once and then the kids only knocked it over ounce while you where putting the base on and then you notice those crooks at abc sold you a cracked tv.

Prove it didn't happen exactly like that.

the invoice you signed so that they would relese it to you says that you inspected it and understand that glass is delicate


I worked at the gaylord, michigan store for ten years.

During that time, it was store policy to unpack and verify

That the tv was in good shape with no damage. In that way

The store protects both the customer and the store.

If the store you purchased at failed to follow that procedure

Shame on them and go after them in small claim court.

If they followed procedure and had you verify that there was

No damage as gaylord does, you are a liar and shame on you.


I bought a plasma TV at ABC and it was their policy to remove the packaging and the customer has to inspect the TV and sign off that it is undamaged. My brother in law bought his TV at ABC too and said the same thing.

Unless the store you purchased from didn't follow this procedure, which I highly doubt, you don't have much recourse. Just my opinion.


I agree that this guy has been wronged.

But man when I spend that amount I inspect it no matter what. Stores have always been happy to open the box for me. Perfect box or not. Had he done that he would not be in this situation, period.

My side table in a perfect box found with a scratch across the top, I inspected every piece(14pcs) of my $4k bedroom set before I loaded it into my truck. I was not going to be found in the same situation with my side table scratched up as he unfortunately found himself with his tv. And this my friend you can not argue with.

I truly hope he is able to win this.



Jardnitm wrote: \"As I understand your pain being out that much money, the blame is entirely yours. It is your responsibility to check your product before it leaves the store.\"Jardnitm, Let me know how that works out for you the next time you check out of a store with a shopping cart full of a couple dozen items.

Just be sure to bring your own box cutter with you to break open all of those cartons and blister packs, after all it\'s not the store\'s responsibility to loan one to you, right? The store\'s security people will just love you for that. LOL.As for your argument, just what is a sufficient level of checking your product before it leaves the store? In the case of the plasma TV, shouldn\'t the customer also ask the store to plug the TV in and let him watch it for 15 minutes before it leaves the store?

I\'m just being sarcastic here, as this can be carried to a ridiculous level once this slippery slope has been put in gear. Sorry dude, you\'re on the wrong page on this one, as far as pinning the blame on the customer. The only case where I agree that the customer should ALWAYS initiate opening the carton to inspect the merchandise is if the carton has some physical damage visible on the exterior and you should definitely ask the store clerk to break open the box to inspect the merchandise for damage in that case before leaving the store. The customer opening the carton before leaving the store, when purchasing an expensive item such as a plasma TV is prudent, but if the shipping carton is undamaged and it leaves the store uninspected, then found by the customer to be damaged or otherwise DOA and returned, in my view the store should honor the warranty, and not stiff the customer who paid good money for bad.

In the case of these Korean made flat panel TVs, both Samsung and LG models are notorious for cracking their screens, there are complaints all over the internet about these screens cracking on people, in many cases while they are powered up and being watched.If the store prints on the receipt that the product is undamaged, then it has a responsibility to validate that claim in the presence of the customer by removing the product from its sealed shipping carton and inspecting it in the presence of the customer, also allowing the customer to inspect it, and both agreeing on it\'s condtion before it leaves the store.

If this sale went down like I think it did, the TV left the store still in the factory sealed container, sight unseen, both the store and the customer had not verified the condition of the TV, and there was a failure in the \"meeting of the minds\" as to it\'s condition. This failure to inspect by the store and confirmed by the customer voids the [unverified] claim printed on the receipt by the store that the TV was undamaged when it was sold.In addition, the store has a responsibility under the Uniform Commercial Code (federal law) when it sells any new merchandise (not sold \"Used as is\", nor sold \"Damaged, as is\"), that the merchandise must be sold in a merchantable condition having \"Fitness of Merchantability\", which means that the item must be undamaged, and be fully functional for it\'s intended purpose(s) at the point of sale.Nice try but your argument don\'t fly.


Is ABC an abbreviation for "Already Been Cracked"? :-)

Out $1350, Ouch! Try doing a charge-back with your credit card bank, but you need to act promptly, usually within one billing cycle. You can argue that the shipping carton was still factory sealed when you carried it out of the store (was it?) and that no one could see through the box (was the box opague?), and that the claim by ABC that the TV was unbroken could not have been verified and was nothing but posturing "They print that on ALL of the receipts". Let me guess, was the statement on the receipt about the TV being unbroken printed using 4 point font printed on the back and the only way you could read it was if you stood on your head and used a 20X magnifying lens?

If the credit card maneuver fails:

1) Complaint with your State AG.

2) Small Claims Court.

You should also stay away from TV's made in Korea. That's LG and Samsung. There are many complaints circulating against both companies over cracked screens, and in general poor reliability.

Best of luck to you for an equitable remedy.


As I understand your pain being out that much money, the blame is entirely yours.

It is your responsibility to check your product before it leaves the store. I spend that much, you can bet your axe I am inspecting it for damages before I purchase.

Who is to say you didn't damage it trying to shove it into your Prius or whatever.

This happens all the time and the store eats that cost and it can get very expensive to eat.



This was at the ABC warehouse in Findlay Ohio.


thanks for the review. I will stay away from ABC Warehouse, and advise my other friends and family who like to buy at good prices on the internet. Poor customer service is a deal breaker


Wow your story really cracks me up. Get it? Cracks me up ....your screen is cracked :grin

to Millie #1041432

wait?! you saved for 1 1/2 yrs.

and paid with a credit card!? sounds fishy to me!


What ABC Warehouse was this at?

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