I purchased 2 brand new top of the line 64" Samsung 8000 3D plasma televisions from ABC Warehouse in Port Huron,Mich. on thursday May/05.

They only had one in stock ,so i took that one and they ordered me the other one,should be in saturday if not by this Tuesday.

Brought the one they had home write away,hooked it up,turned it on and there was no picture or sound,in fact when i walked up to the TV ,much to my surprise,there was a huge "CRACK" in the internal screen!The television went directly from the store to my vehicle to my home without a bump or scrape to it,the box it comes in is bullet proof so i cant understand what happened,so i am going on record that im 100 percent not at fault on what has happened to this TV.Called the store immediately to inform them,and told them id be packing it up and bringing it back and wanted them to order a new one. There response was that the salesman that i dealt with,had to take care of the problem ,and he wasn't to be back to work for 2 more days.

So saturday when i return it ,I'm hoping i wont have any issues at your store on exchanging for a new one!

Again the salesman Mike Dubs was more then helpful and friendly,and will see how he handles my dilemma when he returns! Thanks for your time.

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That's funny. These TV boxes are bulletproof!?!? You're insane and trying to cover up your abuse...


Port Huron Michigan Location, Purchase a new Panasonic TV, it stopped working after 11 months, so I returned to the store. They sent it out for repair and in about two weeks I got it back and its working great now. They treated me good no no complaints here.


So what happened. Did they take care of you? I just purchased their extended warranty for a washer, and with all I am reading, getting nervous here.


You lucked out. Downriver ABC Warehouses wouldn't even price match their own advertised "IN STORE SPECIAL" price 6 hours after I purchased the tv in the store, only to discover the deal advertised on their website.

Took THREE days of being forwarded to other manager's in the company to get even close to what was going to make me a happy customer.


Abc Warehouse in port huron is the only store i can ever get a good deal, i always deal with Mike or Rob :)

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