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I bought an efficeny washer from ABC 1 year and 2 weeks ago.It was $1,000 and is not working.

I have water stuck in it which smells very badly. No one in the warranty department felt like coming in yesterday so I was unable to contact service which is contracted through another company. That company was in so I didn't need to wait. I finally received a callback today and worked it out with the service company.

I called 248-335-4222 and spoke to a receptionist that just kept trying to give me the 800 number I called all day yesterday. I asked her name, she refused. She hung up on me. THIS IS THEIR HEADQUATERS.

I spoke to Greg, store manager at Livonia and he was also rude. He thought it was ok for me not to be able to discuss the repair situation or get a name or idea number for the rude mystery receptionist. Why did I pay $100 for an extended warranty when I am just treated badly. BOO ABC WAREHOUSE.

I will never buy from you again.

Shame on you for such bad service and lack of interest.I guess once the sale is made they really don't care.


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