My husband and i bought an acer laptop two years ago and they asked us if we wanted to buy warranty that it covered everything when he said everything well we figured that he meant everything...that was bold face lie my laptop fell off the bed and cracked screen so we drove hour back down there to receive nothing but *** and bad attitudes...the manager said that the warranty don't cover cracked screen no matter what someone else told me Iwas pissed that Iwas lied to then got disrespected! So I message corporate and they ignore my complaint and now they have enough nerve to call me and ask if Iwant extended warranty?

How *** can they be? Oh and the *** laptop wouldn't even turn on now but the lady said my warranty was voided with the crack screen so they just ripped me off hundred for warranty and six hundred for laptop! I will never buy from there ever again and see why I never did before!

Since then my family and close friends have not or will not purchase from there big disappointment!

Review about: Abc Warehouse Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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South Bend, Indiana, United States #652156

When you buy a warranty, you also get a pamphlet with warranty guidelines and limitations of warranty. NO warranty at ANY retail store covers broken merchandise.

Insurance is for that, not warranty.

Warranty covers malfunctions. Like one day your monitor just goes out or something, not breaking or theft.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #624186

maybe you should have asked if it covered that you ***. ive never heard of any warranty that covers negligence.

cmon really? grow up and be a big person and stop posting negative *** about a company when in actuality you are the real problem.

Battle Creek, Michigan, United States #612961

:( Maybe you wouldn't have been played by the kind man if you weren't illiterate. How about you learn how to write a correct sentence

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