Was told Warranty will cover all losses on a Television. Fire Theft, Flood.

Had a house fire and went to talk to them at the store and rude, self-rightous pompous *** asked me if I was kidding... I was told at that time not to believe everything I hear. After the insurance company cut me a check to replace my belongings I actually went back to the store (wasnt there that day and went back again) walked up to him and showed him I meant to buy thousands in appliances... you could see his greedy eyes turn bright...

he walked me about the to show me all that I could buy...

when he asked me what I wanted buy ... I said dont believe everything you heard smiled and walked out...

Review about: Abc Warehouse Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Bay City, Michigan, United States #624184

they never ever tell people the warranty will cover theft or flood or anything like that you ***.you know they didnt! your just mad you lost your cheap $500 plasma in a fire and you want to take your anger out on a salesperson because they by default are there to help you. you just wannaharrass them because you know they have to put up with it or if they turn around and throat punch you (which i would) theyd be fired.*** man and get a hobby or something.fatboy!!

to slayer Traverse City, Michigan, United States #631927

go f@#k yourself youre probably the dumb *** that he took to school. you too can be a real human by getting a real job. Empty suit b@$t@rd

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