I spent 3500.00 in this store back in October 2014. Knock on wood I haven't had a problem except one....I bought a 50 inch tv.

This past Feb. it was acting up. I called ABC just to inquire about it. Not to point fingers and anything like that..just a couple questions...I was met with one of the rudist customer service that I have ever had to deal with..She wouldn't even let me get a word in edge wise after I told her I had a problem with the tv.

The first thing out of her friggen mouth was that she couldn't and wouldn't help me! I would have to call the number on the receipt which was the brand of the tv!

I have a warranty and I also have an extended warranty....They weren't interested in helping since they already had my money!! Will never ever shop there again and I tell people not to shop there either!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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