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I made a large purchase from ABC Warehouse, after being warned not to go there. (Should have listened) One of the purchases was a 58" TV and the deliver person just dropped off the TV and did not take it out of the box.

Ok, I thought that was wrong when I paid extra for delivery and when they got there wanted to charge me more to sit the TV on the stand, NO! Second, I paid extra for a TV stand to be put together but on delivery day the stand was dropped off already put together, how do I know they put it together. No instructions were left with the stand either, which leave me wondering if I was given the display stand or if the stand was delivered to them already put together. I will not purchase so much as a piece of gum from ABC warehouse again!!!

Oh and my sales person called me the day before deliver, to offer me a side deal for the delivery person to put all cable, surround sound and TV together for a price of $50 to be paid to the delivery person....GEESH! NO MORE

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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If you paid for basic delivery they won't hook it up. What blows my mind is that everyone complains about not getting there tv hooked up.

Has the united states become that lazy we can't hook a cable wire up to a television.

Now I know why 48% of our Medical Doctors in the USA our Indian. Lazy Americans that's why.


ABC has great deals and different prices for delivery. 19.99 is basic drop off 49.99 is out of box and put in place and hooked to cable or sat. the stand is put together at warehouse and you where charged for it if you didnt know.

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