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I will NEVER step foot in an ABC warehouse again. I have done business in the past with another location, however, I've never had such an incompetent experience with retail, as I did with the Novi store.

I went in and purchased a refrigerator, which went very smooth collecting my money. All down hill from there !! The first delivery was over an hour later than they told me due to the fact that they didn't put the zip code in, it took them over an hour to switch the door that they told me took15 min., then when I inspected it, it was scratched, and I told them I didn't want it, after which they said they had to deliver it & I would have to call the store & have it replaced, which was NOT true. After waiting for 3wks to have a new, different model delivered, the second delivery guys had no idea how to change the door & referred to me as sweetie, twice !!

When I confronted them on that, the deliverer said he was just trying to respect me & left & told the store that I swore at them, which was a total lie! I called the store & told them I wanted a full refund and I would be taking my business elsewhere. The sales manager's reply was he had nothing to do with my bad experience and then proceeded to tell me that my refund would be $20 less than what I paid, due to the fact that the woman that rang up my purchase under charged me, when he was the one that rang it up !!! I called the store manager, who took care of the difference in my refund, however, never remarked on my terrible experience there.

I took my business to Lowe's and I would recommend that everyone do the same, because that experience was GREAT. SO LONG ABC

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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