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I purchased a new frigidaire side by side that was delivered on May 2nd. My new frig broke on June 6th, the day after I purchased $400 in groceries.

I called the warranty phone number and it took 2 days to come out. They had to order the part and it would take 5 days. I called my salesman who supposively spoke to the frigidaire rep who said it is under warranty so he will not give me a new frig. I called June 17th to see if the part was in.

It's going to be in on the 19th. No part. Able appliance calls back and says it will be in on the 20th. no part.

Able calls back and says the part is on back order and won't be in until the first of July. I call frigidaire and my salesman for help. I need a frig. I am having a graduation party at my house.

My salesman says that he will call the rep to see what we can do. No call back. I call ABC four times and ask for a manager to call back. No call back.

I call Frigidaire two times and ask for a manager to call me. No call back. My husband calls today. I get a call back that they have been working on it which is not true because the customer service rep said that there were no notes in the system.

My frig is supposed to be fixed Monday. We will see. I've never complained before but I've also never been treated like this before. I have a family of 5 who has been eating out for 3 weeks, no milk for cereal, no homecooked meals and all the manager could say is I understand.

Do no pacify me! Numerous calls to ABC asking for my salesman and a manager to call back. No call back. I was told to call the compaint line.

The compaint line was the same phone number I called to get service on my broken frig. This is the short version of what happend due to room to write.

Very very upset with the treatment I was given.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Agreed. I'm sure the manager and countless other abc employees did their best but they have absolutely no control over the manufacturer or their warranties. You're not the only person on earth who needs help and the business has other customers to attend to.


Why are you complaining about ABC? You purchased a refrigerator that has a 12 month "MANUFACTURER" warranty.

Frididaire as the manufacturer is responsible for the warranty repairs, not ABC the retailer. As a consumer you need to educate yourself as to who is responsible for the warranty on products you purchase. Your time compiling to the retailer is wasted time as they have no responsibility for the warranty. You need to be calling the frigidaire warranty numbers.

Your salesperson at the retail store can't send Frigidaire repair out for you, nor can the sales rep for Frididaire.

Totally separate departments. Focus on the warranty department and quit waisting you time complaining to everyone else

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