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I purchased 4 kitchen appliances in May spending $4300. The refrigerator was damaged on delivery and I reported it that day. It took ABC warehouse about 15 phone calls and 11 weeks to respond and finally deliver a new refrigerator. Is this how ABC treats its customers???

So now I have a new refrigerator, but it vibrates loudly whenever it runs. When I called ABC they insisted GE had to come out and look at it. GE came out and said it is "Normal" and it wouldn't be so loud if I had cabinets on both sides of it. Really? I mean really? Now ABC refuses to do anything because GE said it is "Normal." The first damaged refrigerator ran quietly without the noise.

I am very frustrated at spending $2000 on a refrigerator that runs so loud I can hear it over the TV in when sitting in my family room, and not having ABC or GE to even care about it. I wrote to their customer service and got a response, then a phone message from a regional manager. He told me I had to have GE come out and look at it. I ALREADY DID THAT AND STATED IT IN THE E-MAIL. I called him back and dropped off hold after 15 minutes. Why would the company I purchased my appliance from NOT HELP ME OUT!??!

I strongly encourage anyone who wants customer service after they dump a large amount of money on something to never deal with them.

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