They have a big sign in their store that says they'll beat any price. That's a lie and false advertising. i

found the same garman 260W gps for a much lower price. When I went into the ABC Warehouse, and showed them the add with the lower price. they wouldn't beat it. I found a loower price on-line.

They told me they don't matcht adds that are found on-line. But that's not what they advertise. When you say you'll "Beat any price", that's just what it' suppose to meanl ISN'T IT!!!

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you don't buy it online because your scared.

and you should be.


Well, maybe ABC should clarify and NOT in tiny print somewhere a customer can find it. If you don't beat all deals don't advertise you DO.

Brick and mortar or not. That's why your lots are often empty.


i work at abc warehouse and the sign says we'll beat any deal. it is not a lie we will beat any deal and no reasonable price will be denied but when you purchase on-line you dont know if the product your getting is going to acually work when it gets to your house, you dont know if its been used, broken, or stolen.

therefor it is not even the same product as what we carry. our products carry warranties which most products on line do not and that is why this person came in our store to begin with instead of just bying it "on line".

Fort Laramie, Wyoming, United States #11888

Common sense tells you they will be beat any "brick and mortar" deal. Why wouldnt you just by it online if it was so cheap? The gas you wasted to drive to ABC Warehouse with your *** demand ...........oh never mind your an ***!!!!!!!

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