I purchased a mattress and boxspring from ABC warehouse, who had just gotten in the market for selling mattress and boxspring sets, in September of 2010. Well I made a complaint in February, 2011 to the warranty department, everywhere you laid left a print in the mattress.

I even took pictures. They sent someone out in the warranty department, and they told me I would be hearing from ABC warehouse. Well after 3 weeks (because I was waiting on a letter) I called them and after getting the run around on who I was supposed to talk to I left a message. I received a phone call from ABC saying that the lumps were only 1/2 inch deep and that was normal.

Well I called back in August of 2011 because now I'm having a hard time sleeping. They sent someone again who told me that the lumps were now 1 inch deep and that they would give them the information. Well after waiting another two weeks because my attorney also sent them a letter,I got a message on my answering machine saying that the warranty was not going to be honored because I was missing a middle piece on the frame and that the mattress was soiled.

Comeon ABC warehouse, you are new to this business, thats what the box spring is for to support the mattress, in other words the box spring is'nt any good either. And as for the mattress being soiled I see pink elephants.

Product or Service Mentioned: Abc Warehouse Warranty.

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sounds like you didn't honor your warranty


If you don't use a water proof mattress pad and don't have a center support on a queen size and up, YOU DON'T HAVE A WARRANTY


Sorry I need to come clean according to my sponsor. I am a horrible drunk, get angry and beat my family. Then I write fake stories on review sites.


I purchased at the orchard lk store and Mr. Gorman stoled my credit card from me.

I have called the Southfield police on him and

his G.M.If you purchase on a credit card hold it

in your hands.

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