I purchased a remote start unit as a Christmas gift for my wife. I wanted to install the unit my self but they insisted I let them, as the installation is free.

I had issues with the starter malfunctioning a few months later, they fixed it. A couple months out of warranty, the unit stopped working completely. I didn't bother going back because I knew it was out of warranty. But then the car wouldn't start with the key.

I began removing the unit from my car and was horrified at the *** job they did wiring it up. They stripped the wires in the car wiring harness, twisted the wires together, and taped them up. I complained to corporate and they had a district manager call me to apologize and offer me a new unit installed "at cost". I explained the first one they installed fried the wiring harness.

This district manager admitted he was unaware of the installation procedure and that most of their customers are not mechanically inclined enough to see these things. I replied "so most of your customers don't see the shoddy installation job you guys do?" His answer was a simple no.

The next day I recieved a call from a man claiming to be the manager of all ABC's installation centers. He explained the technique they use is to strip the car's wires, poke the wires from the unit through, and twist together.

This is still wrong, but not as bad as how my installation was done.

Very poor customer service. Shame on you ABC Warehouse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Abc Warehouse Warranty.

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