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I received the worst customer service from the sales man at ABC warehouse. I went in to purchase a TV for my mother and she randomly mentioned that I knew a little about the latest flat screens.

This information was greeted with sarcasm and thrown back in my face by several other salesmen. At no point in time was I rude to them. Since when is being informed a crime. My mother really wanted the TV that we picked so I purchased it anyway.

I returned to her house and helped her set it up, it doesn't work. I am disgusted.

Monetary Loss: $616.

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Sorry, forgot to mention I'm a best buy employee.


I highly doubt its his fault troubledsoul. It doesnt take rocket science to hook a tv up, its fairly simple.

Sounds like you might be an ABC advocate and possibly an employee to blame it on the customer?

Not very good customer service. I work in retail too and it still stands to reason that the customer is always right.


Maybe you didn't know as much as you thought about flat screen tv's huh? I'm betting you don't know how to hook up the d@mn thing is why it "doesn't work".


*remote to the TV/cables won't work.

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