I purchased from ABC Warehouse Dearborn, Michigan Ave. 2 large appliance and frig and stove.

The delivery was delayed by one day because one item was not in the warehouse. Both was delivered the following day. The delivered the next day. Guess what I go to cook dinner turn on the stove and nothing happened.

I called ABC to let them know and dropped by the store the next day. Spoke to the manager who was polite but did not see this a major concern. The customer service is awful.

I expected more from the store manager. Not Happy at All

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Wow, your story glosses over a whole bunch of facts. Where's the rest of the story? You're claim is false.

Did you find another stove to cook your crack and meth on yet?


well, you were offered different delivery packages which

Offered hook up services. You chose a less expensive option.

Blame your self you cry baby!!!!!!!!!!!


Funny! In all the purchases I have made by Best Buy, when they delivered any applaince I purchased from them 'they' hooked it up!!

I knew it was working when they left my house. So, was it plugged it or hooked up to gas is a sarcastic answer to say the least!

I wonder if plugging it in or maybe hooking up gas line would help. Stoves do not work off of magic! :upset

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